My name is Andrea 'Bobo' Oboe

  • Graduated in Computer Science - University of Verona (Italy)
  • Participated in various jazz masterclasses, like Riccardo Zegna: New languages ​​between Afro-American music and contemporary composition, Pietro Tonolo : Monk and surroundings & Giampaolo Casati: The music of Tadd Dameron
  • Part of the "New Talents" review for Jazz musicians, organized by the Rotary Club, headquarters of Cittadella (PD), Italy
  • Graduated in Jazz music (drums) - Vicenza Conservatory (Italy) under the guidance of Mauro Beggio and Francesco D'Auria.

From Lonigo, Vicenza (Italy) and now living in Trieste (Italy), born in 1985, student of Stefano Zuffellato and Diego Zuffellato, he began studying drums at the age of twelve.
In addition to his first experiences with local groups, I joined the Lonigo Philharmonic under the direction of Bruno Brunelli in 1998, until 2003 as a percussionist and drummer. Later I joined the Big Band Ritmosinfonica Città di Verona directed by Marco Pasetto, in which I played for 2 years.

I’m interested in African American music, in particular Jazz and Hip Hop, and I also participated in various contemporary electronic groups.

I played and collaborated with Xantoné Blacq and Robin Banerjee (Amy Winehouse), Gianni Basso, Ernesttico Rodriguez (Jovanotti, Pino Daniele), Enrico Bentivoglio (Mariah Carey, Robbie Williams), Attilio Zanchi, Jury, Filippo Perbellini, Nico Menci, Carlomaria, David Boato, Brad Myrick, Alan Farrington, Andrea Tarozzi, Marco Bardoscia, Kyle Gregory, Leonardo Corradi, Andrea Lombardini, Michele Manzo, David Cremoni, Luca Donini, Francesco Geminiani, Gianluca Carollo, Tommaso Troncon, Federico Pozzer, Francesco Patti, Fabio Baù , Giuseppe Cucchiara, Nicola Caminiti, Joe Clemente, Fabrizio Gaudino, Gabriele Bolcato, Nicola Cipriani, Samuele Rossin, Marco Marzola, Michele Polga, Zak Hinegk, Beppe Zorzella, Riccardo Dolci, To The Ansaphone, Bruno Zamborlin, Mario Marcassa, Federico Malaman, Beppe Lante, Emanuele Tondo, Lorenz Zadro, Carlo Ceriani, Davide Agnoli, Astio, True Blues Band, LvQ, Blue Velvet Jazz Group, 9th Floor Trio, The Groove Yard, Blackcherry and many others.